Maintenance Agreements

FSM Comfort Solutions Offers Our Customers Value & Peace Of Mind With Their Maintenance Agreements


Would you like to lower your cost on service repairs while extending the life of your equipment?

 Service Agreements easily pay for themselves!


service-agreementRoutine maintenance is the most important and valuable service we provide. Proper maintenance is the key to low utility bills and long equipment life.

Most manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment will not warranty the system unless it is being serviced on a regular basis.

Our Maintenance Agreement Benefits Provide:

Labor Discount: Your labor rate for normal service is discounted by 10% from the regular rate at all times.

Parts Discount: All parts are sold at a 10% discount.

Priority Service: We will promise to service within 24 hours.

Peace Of Mind: Preventative maintenance gives you longevity to your existing equipment and saves you unnecessary neglectful repairs.

Assurance: Check all major repairs through the manufacturer for warranty status before billing.

Additional benefits of a Service Agreement

  • Only pay for the time required to do the work
  • You don’t have to pay for additional time if needed because of unforseen difficulties.
  • Flat rate service guides lower tracking and recording times. Lower operating expenses means lower customer costs.
  • Simplifies estimating and understanding repair costs.
  • Provides an upfront and honest service.

1 Year Furnace Only $89.00
2 Year Furnace Only $158 (Save $20)
1 Year Furnace & A/C Combo $165
2 Year Furnace & A/C Combo $320 (Save $20)

Contact us today at (219) 736-1165 for more information or to purchase a Service Agreement.


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