FSM Comfort Solutions Carries A Line Of Honeywell Humidifiers


Increase comfort, save energy and protect your home!

Air in your home that is too dry can be uncomfortable to breath and can damage wood products like flooring, pianos, picture frames and cabinetry. In the winter, it’s especially important to add moisture to the air because dry winter air can drive down the relative humidity in your home to as low as 15%, which is drier than the air in most deserts. Most health issues arise from the dryness our bodies have in our throats and nasal linings. Proper humidity provides a healthy atmosphere to live in and keeps the sick days down to a minimum.

Which humidifier is right for you?

There are humidifiers for every need and application. Some homes have limited space available for the installation of a whole house humidifier. Some homes require more humidification than others due to insulation values and home construction.

A Honeywell humidifier can keep the humidity in your home at the proper levels. Here are just a few options.


The By-Pass Humidifier is mounted directly to the warm air plentum of the furnace by pass humidifierand is attached to the cold air return with a 6″ round pipe. Warm air is naturally drawn through the round pipe. As the air passes through the wet pad inside, it picks up moisture. When it is drawn back into the return through the round pipe, the “humidified” air then mixes with the rest of the air going through the furnace and on into your home.


The “Powered” Humidifier works on the same concept as the Bypass Humidifier but it power humidifierdoesn’t use the 6″ round pipe to get humidified air back into the system. The Powered Humidifier is “powered” by an internal fan that draws air into it through the enclosed vents inside it and then blows the humidified air back into the furnace’s warm air plenum.


Honeywell’s “True Steam” Humidifiers are by far the best selection for proper true steam humidifierhumidity levels in your home during the dry winter months. It provides humidity independent of furnace operation, allowing homeowners to reach their desired humidity set points regardless of air temperature. All other humidifiers rely on the furnace creating 120 degrees air to absorb the moisture and the fan coming on to distribute the humidified air. True-Steam Humidifiers inject steam directly into the air stream and control the furnace’s blower motor to distribute humidified air.


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